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This is another amazing wedding from late last year and one I will always remember with a huge smile on my face.  Abbey and Glenn were married in a tiny town called Prairie, about an hour north of Bendigo, at the historical property of Prairie Park. Their ceremony took place in the garden of the original old home, which is currently under extensive rennovation. The reception was held in a massive white marquee, set up on the property.

Both the girls and guys got ready at Prairie Park, in different rooms of course! Abbey and her attendants dressed in one of the beautifully rennovated bedrooms. She had three lovely bridesmaids, who wore stunning electric blue satin dresses. Abbey’s darling little neices were just thrilled to be her flowergirls. Oh my, they were SO adorable.  I sensed such a special bond between Abbey and these two sweet little girls, and I especially love the images of them together.

Before I photographed the ladies I actually began the day taking images of Glenn and his groomsmen in another area of the amazing old home. Oh man… these guys were funny. Who would have thought putting on ties could be such an event? As is often the way, the guys had Sue and I in stitches during their preparations. Glen looked so handsome, and was very keen to see his bride and get married.

Time for the ceremony, and possibly the most amazing entrance I have ever seen at a wedding! Glen had told me during our interviews that the boys would be arriving on tractors, and I thought that sounded very cool. But nothing could have prepared me for the sight of those four enormous green John Deer tractors coming down the driveway! I wish I had a photo of the look on my face when I first saw them… ha ha ha. Absolutely fantastic.
After the ceremony the bridal party, Sue and I headed off into the paddocks for some location photography.  The newly married couple went for a tractor ride together, travelling in absolute style. A bit slow, but not too slow for a running, 40 year old photographer. Love is…. BIG green John Deer tractors. Oh yeah!

We then moved on to the train line and wheat silos at the neighbouring town of Mitiamo.  The entire wedding party looked fabulous, and though I had told the little girls more than an hour earlier they could be excused if they wished, they would have none of it. Very dedicated flowergirls. Once we got back to Prairie Park I took some lovely portraits of Abbey and Glenn around the old homestead, and even ON a magnificent window frame. I originally planned to take some shots of them looking out of that window, but by the time I’d organised my camera settings, they’d climbed up and STOOD in the window… something I would never have dared to ask for. What a pair of legends! We also got some beautiful shots back in the room that Abbey got dressed in, with my favourite lighting, the video light. So very elegant.

We had always intended on getting some images at dusk in the wheat fields, but because the wedding was in late November that meant the ideal time was about 8.30pm, when obviously the reception would be well underway. I suggested to Abby and Glenn that we sneak out for 10 minutes immediately after their main meal, which would work quite well because many of the guests would still be eating. They really wanted the shots, and readilly agreed to this plan. Oh wow, I think it was worth it. I have never even stood in a wheat field before, and was completely thrilled with this opportunity. I was initially dissappointed that the big fluffy clouds we’d had all day had blown away, but the intense pinks and aquas of the dusk sky more than made up for that, and there’s something so appealing about the wide open space of the crop and an uninterupted sky.

From my point of view this wedding was a thrilling experience. A beautiful couple, so in sync and committed to one another, the most down to earth, wild and fun loving group of friends and family that made up the wedding party and a location that was drenched in the character and history of rural Victoria. Everybody involved, including the owners of this amazing propery, treated Sue and I like we were just part of the gang, and made us so relaxed and welcome. Australian rural people are truly unique and amazing.

The other aspect of this wedding that struck me was just how lucky I am to enjoy such diversity in what I do. The wedding I photographed the week before was Melanie and Ben’s Melbourne wedding at Quat Quatta in Ripponlea, with location photography in St Kilda. As I stood in that Prairie wheat field I was thinking that the St Kilda Pier seemed to be a world away, but how equally thrilling and inspiring both locations were. Whether they travel in vintage Rolls Royces or John Deer tractors, I just love photographing weddings!


Christina Montemurro - Annie, this is amazing, amazing work! I kept thinking whilst looking at them, “this is my favorite. No, THIS one is my favorite.” If I had to choose, I think I’d pick the ones with them in the window (how cool are they for going up there on their own!) and the off camera lit ones at the end. Fabulous.

robin cornett - I totally agree–every time I thought I had a favorite shot, I saw another one that made my jaw drop. Annie, these are stunning. Every last one of them. I love the tractors, and those bridal getting ready shots are wonderful.

Sylvia Borgo - Oh, Annie! These are wonderful! So classic, so perfect! I am in awe!

Mariea Rummel - Annie! These are amazing! Your clients I bet are thrilled. Beautiful work.

Frank DiMeo - ANNIE! These are incredible!!!
I remember your interest a long time ago in George Hurrell. I think I may have been the one who turned you on to him? He would be proud to see what you have accomplished. It isn’t just your amazing lighting though. Your compositions and poses are so reminiscent of the Renaissance painters. It is astonishing to see how you are combining a little bit of everything to make it your own.

Zak - These are just beautiful Annie! Love the guys getting ready…so fun, and the ones on the tracks and the fields are great! My son keeps making me go back to the train track ones…he love trains. :)

Arley - Hi Annie,

These wedding photographs are just stunning. Love the use of various landscapes and different lighting.

From the desaturation to the vintage post processing…..they rock!

well done,


Katy - Love all the colors! The flower girls are too cute. Great idea, little ballet slippers for them. So much comfier and fun to run around in! Post processing was also perfect!! Gorgeous stuff!

Sue Thomas - Annie, I was a guest at this wedding, and have seen these photos many times but looking at them again in your journal has brought tears to my eyes. You truly captured the love of these two beautiful people and the spirit of Prairie Park. Congratuations

Amanda - Annie, I know this couple and the photos are absolutely stunning!! You have captured them both magnificently, and Prairie Park which looks fantastic! Gorgeous photos, with pics like these you’d be proud to capture ones special day! Congratulations!

catherine - Hi Annie,

I have been looking at wedding photo’s and wheat fields and am amazed at your photo’s of this wedding. Could you please let me know where these photo’s were taken as I’m looking for a place to have a country wedding in the wheat fields around February 2011.

Thankyou for your help.


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