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Alisha & Corey were married on Saturday 27th of February at the Lake House in Daylesford. It was the first time I have worked at this amazing venue and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph this wonderful couple in such picturesque surroundings. Alisha and Corey chose to have their wedding ceremony in front of the lake in the afternoon, and particularly wanted some beautiful portraits taken at the water’s edge. We had planned to take some photographs at sunset, and had our fingers crossed for a beautiful sky. As luck would have it we were treated to a sensational sky, which seemed to double in intensity as the sun sank and the colours reflected off the water. Just for fun I’ll begin this post with a couple of the very last images of the day… captured at sunset!

Alisha wanted a feature shot of her tattoo, and definitely had the diva thing going on while posing for me. Ooooh-eeee she is gorgeous! It’s ALL about confidence and embracing the moment…. and having lots of fun!
Now I’ll jump back to the start of the day when the girls were getting ready. I’ll begin with some of Alisha’s gorgeous details. I have to say I adored the bouquets. They had such a country feel, just perfect for a Daylesford wedding.
Alisha had four bridesmaids, her two sisters and two best friends. However she decided she wanted her Mum to help her dress so she could surprise the girls once she was ready. I just loved this idea, not only for the surprise aspect, but because it was such a beautiful thing to watch a mother dressing her daughter on her wedding day!
I really do feel privileged to be present at moments like this, and I feel others emotions very deeply. I know… I’m hopelessly soppy, but I really wouldn’t wish to be any other way. I LOVE this image.
After having to wait in suspense, the bridesmaids were so excited to see Alisha in all her glory…. and she really was glorious.
Now some photographs of Corey and the guys. They got ready at a place called The Lodge, just outside of Daylesford. It was a hive of activity, with quite a few family and friends staying there as well. I love this photograph of Corey. He looks strong and centered, calmly contemplating the fantastic day that lay ahead.
Corey with his Best Man and Groomsmen, all looking very handsome.
A quick game of pool was an ideal way to get some fun shots of the guys.
Alisha and the girls arrived at the Lake House in style in a stretch limousine.
That sensational smile is for Corey. Alisha had her eyes locked on her man as she walked down the aisle.
Exchanging vows, rings and a few laughs. The ceremony was really wonderful!
After the ceremony and formal family photographs we headed about 20 minutes out of Daylesford to a paddock that Corey and Alisha had found. They were both excited to include a rural Aussie setting in their photographs, and this location had it all. An old corrugated iron shed, a windmill, water tank and of course plenty of dry cow patties to dodge! It really was a great spot, but just as we arrived the weather turned rather bad. It was like a great big gray rain cloud settled on us, spraying fine mist in our faces and dropping the temperature drastically. So here I will heap praise on the wedding party. Not ONE single complaint from any of them. They were very cold (especially the ladies) and all getting wet, but they were absolute champions and smiled through it all!
After a few minutes photographing the wedding party I sent them back to the car to defrost themselves, but asked Corey and Alisha suffer for a little longer. Funny…. they don’t really look like they’re suffering. Warmed by love perhaps? They look so wonderful together.
These two images make it all worthwhile. A beautiful husband and wife in breathtaking scenery, with the soft muted colours of the Australian lanscape. Oh… and a great big misty rain cloud for good measure!
After we left the paddock we moved on to a lovely old blue stone church that we’d passed on the way. Amazingly the weather cleared up all of a sudden, which was a good thing. Because Corey is quite a bit taller than Alisha, I leapt at the chance to stand Alisha on a step to even out their height a little.
Such a lovely image of a very beautiful couple.
Back to the Lake House for some more images, taken while strolling around the enormous lake. Alisha looks truly stunning. Just wow!
I haven’t included any images of the gorgeous reception room because… well this post has already turned into a bit of an epic! I just had to post one shot of the gorgeous cake though.
Corey and Alisha pulled some awesome moves in their bridal dance.

Well I could have gone on and on, and posted dozens more images from this day. Suffice to say it was an absolutely beautiful wedding, and Alisha and Corey, you were a dream to work with. Once again I want to mention how amazed I was that you, your friends and siblings had no hesitation to stand out in that paddock in the cold mist, and cheerfully have all of those photographs taken. I was thrilled to work at the Lake House, and loved all of the locations you had so carefully chosen. Thank you so much for allowing me to share in your day and photograph you in such inspirational settings.

Zak - Just stunning Annie! I just love the ones by the paddock. Gorgeous couple as well. :)

Gail Hardy - Annie, these photos are just divine. Again, I was googling a venue and came across your photos. You are an amazingly talented women.

Paul O'Donohue - Well done Annie, I have worked with many photographers and your shots of Alisha & Corey are “amazing”. Nice to work with you and I hope we can do it again.
Paul O’Donohue – Civil Marriage Celebrant. “Celebrants R Us”

Sylvia Borgo - Va-va-vooom! The bride is such a knockout! I love, love, love her dress. I also love the splash of color in the bridal shot. So perfect, Annie.

Corey - I still cant stop looking at our photos, they are amazing. You have done such a good job. Love all the photos you have put up and I can’t wait for the rest to come. We are going to have a hard time picking ones to blow up and put on the wall, or maybe go buy a bigger house. Anyone that is getting married and wants prefect lasting memories are crazy not to have you taking their photos… there is no better. Thank you so much for all you have done.
From the groom.

Katherine Davis - WOW, these are by far AMAZING, can I ask , what lighting did you use?

Annie Warren - Which shots in particular Katherine? If you mean the ones in front of the lake I was using a simple hotshoe style flash on a monopod held by my assistant. In other words, off camera flash.

Reachel Mazurek - What can I say Annie? Just Stunning!!
You just keep getting better and better :)

kerrie starritt - A truly amazing day, I couldn’t take my eyes off the couple. Annie you made it so relaxing for us all which showed through on the special day. You are a true professional, Thankyou.

From Mother of the Bride

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