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Brianna and Scott were married in Rosiland Park on Saturday the 14th of March with a reception later that evening at Quills Restaurant. They had rain to contend with that morning, right up until an hour before the ceremony, with the sky threatening more rain. Even though they had a back up venue organised, they made a brave decision to go ahead with their planned service in the great outdoors…. a decision that really paid off. It never did rain again, and their ceremony was so beautiful in the surroundings of Bendigo’s most magnificent park.

We started the day taking photographs of Scott and his groomsmen getting ready. I absolutely love these images of Scott…. he looks so incredibly suave.

We then moved on to Scott and Brianna’s house where the girls were getting ready. Here’s a gorgeous shot of Brianna’s engagement ring, laying on the beaded detail of her wedding gown, Delicious!
Brianna with her three lovely bridesmaids.
Brianna looks absolutely stunning, surrounded by pure white.
The classy, simple bouquet, created by The Eternal Vase of Bendigo.

The ceremony in Rosiland Park was so lovely. Thank heavens the rain stayed away!
The bridal party taking a stroll through the park.
Some very romantic and occasional steamy portraits of the newlyweds. These two were so affectionate, it seemed they were always kissing! It made my job SO easy…. and some of these images nearly stop my heart.
For some reason trees with tall bare branches bring out my Gothic-ness. I just love a bit of drama and moodiness.
The bridal party were a fantastic, fun loving group. They look brilliant all in black among the vibrant green leaves.
The look on Brianna’s face really says it all.

This made me really laugh, and was one of those times when I really didn’t appreciate the humour of what just happened until afterward. While photographing Brianna and Scott in this old laneway I decided to try something different and asked Scott to lean on the door and watch admiringly as Briannna did a sexy strut past him. I slowed my shutter speed to a 40th of a second to catch some motion blur on Brianna and asked them to ‘go for it’. Enter stage right, (totally unscripted)… friendly black and white pussycat, who for some reason best known to himself needed to get to the other end of the lane right at that very moment. I was concentrating so hard on keeping my camera steady without a tripod at a 40th of a second… I didn’t even see him until the 3rd frame, when I urged Scott and Brianna to “keep going….” Ha ha ha ha… you can see Scott’s attention drift from admiration for his wife, to “what the?…. what’s with this cheeky cat?…” I just love the way puss actually strutted BETWEEN them, looking forward the entire time, as though this sort of thing is totally commonplace to him. Ho Hum! Well, maybe it is! It’s a great lane, and I can only imagine lots of Bendigo photographers take wedding parties in there. Looks like ‘puss’ is very non-plussed by weddings and photographers.
Ha ha ha ha! I simply NEVER get tired of looking at this image. It’s like it surprises me every time. SO funny!
Soooo cool guys!
About 2 seconds before actually standing on me, and cracking up laughing!
The wedding cake was AMAZING. I just love clean simple lines. I think this cake is so fantastic, it doesn’t even need colour.
A great shot of the reception room at Quills Restaurant during the speeches. It’s a fantastic, contemporary venue, right across the road from lake Weeroona.
I love Scott and Brianna’s reactions to the speeches. Plenty of heartfelt emotion and lots of laughs… just how great speeches should be.

Brianna and Scott… I had such a great time being with you on your wedding day. Everything was so classy and beautiful, and you were both so happy, relaxed and a joy to work with. I loved your wedding, I really loved your friends, but most of all I truly LOVED the way the two of you gaze at each other. Your mutual adoration is so plain to see, and such a beautiful thing to observe. Thank you for trusting me to capture the memories of your special day!


Adam Cavanagh - Wow what gorgeous images!!

Robb Duncan - Awesome images. I love your work Annie, your control of natural light is killer!!

Alan Lougher - Wow these are great. Love, love the individual portraits, the shot of the guys walking down the street reminds me of the movie Reservoir Dogs. The first shot with the cat is fantastic!

Mark Donovan - Loveeee your style, cracking images too

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