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Carly & Brad were married in Bendigo on the 3rd of March 2012 at the White Hills Botanical Gardens. Leading up to their big day there was quite a lot of rain forecast and they had decided to move their ceremony to an indoor location. At 4.00pm the day before Carly phoned me to say the change felt wrong, that she had always wanted to be married in the gardens and she felt she would always regret it if she got married elsewhere. There is a lovely old picnic pavilion in the gardens, and the ceremony was to go ahead under the pavilion, in the rain. I will be very honest and say that morning I was worried about Carly’s decision. I am now delighted to say I was wrong to worry. The rainy ceremony was absolutely wonderful. Special. Memorable! I just LOVED it. Carly wore a carefree smile as she strolled down the path, in the rain with her father and an umbrella, down the centre aisle of the pavilion surrounded by family and friends towards Brad. I have never witnessed a more lovely ceremony! It was definitely a brave move, and one that really paid off!

Going back to the start of the day, as usual I began with coverage of Brad and the guys getting ready, before moving on to the ladies.  The boys looked super cool in their black suits, and Brad was a relaxed and dashing groom.  Carly looked amazing in her gorgeous oyster coloured wedding gown, and was just glowing with excitement for the day that lay ahead. The bridesmaids wore beautiful coral pink dresses, and they all carried pink lily bouquets. Carly was attended by her sister and two friends, with her darling little niece playing the role of flower girl.

I’ve decided to try something a little different for this post, and feature two separate galleries. The first covers both Carly and Brad getting ready and the ceremony…

Carly and Brad had the Bendigo Town Hall as their reception venue, which looked absolutely stunning. Once again I am blown away by the ornate beauty of this amazing building. We took photographs inside the main hall, upstairs, in the front stairwell and outside. Though it was still raining lightly we raced off to one last outdoor location to capture a bit of nature and greenery. The bridal party were very brave standing out in the cold, misty rain. I do believe the results are worth it, and I thank them for their trust and willing participation in such madness! Carly and Brad forged ahead in the rain for a little longer, and we captured some of their most beautiful images for the day. This second gallery features images from the various locations we visited with the bridal party, and the reception that evening.

Carly and Brad, I want to thank you for being so sweet, for not apparently caring less about all that rain, and for trusting me to document your amazing day. It was a real pleasure, and certainly a wedding that will always remain in my mind as being unique and special. I think you’re so well suited to one another, and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Elizabeth Atkins - I LOVE the getting ready portraits of the groom. Really like how you posed him.

Second favorite? Hmm, really hard to choose. I love all of the couples images. I really like the way you use light to flatter your subjects, it also makes your backgrounds really pop!

Angela - Stunning Images! You were truly able to capture the true essence of their wedding. The bride and groom look so happy.

Olaf Siebert - a wonderful set of images, I really like your B/W processing.

Obi - Really lovely work .. totally love it

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