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This is another fabulous wedding that I photographed late last year, and very much wanted to display in my journal.
Caz and Brad were married in November 2008 here in Bendigo, with a touching ceremony held in their own back yard. They are the sweetest couple, and despite some pretty extreme November weather, they had an absolutely fantastic day with their wedding party, family and friends. They had worked very hard to get their back yard looking fantastic for their big day at home, and it really paid off. It looked so beautiful, and I love the idea that every time they step out their own back door they will have a reminder of the promises and heartfelt words they exchanged that day. Maybe they can even do an occasional re-enactment on the weekend! I suspect they would just jump straight forward to the kissing part though! Ha ha ha.
Brad is a also real car enthusiast, and worked very hard on his baby, an early model Celica, to have her ready in time for the wedding. The car was indeed ready in time, and looked amazing… along with 3 other friends cars which made up the ‘fleet’ for the day. So it was always going to be a priority to get some great images of the cars. I scouted around and found an ideal location here in Bendigo, and made sure to schedule some time there. I wouldn’t normally classify myself as a ‘car person’ but I thought the cars look so COOL, and really appreciate the amount of work, pride and love that goes into making cars look like this. Here is my favorite shot. Of course there are more like this one later in the post.

Going back to the start of the day, with Caz and her bridesmaid’s preparations. I loved all of Caz’s accessories, and was lucky enough to have a glass topped table to photograph them on. Even her shoes sparkled, and you just can’t beat the magnificent rose bouquets.

Time to get Caz into her beautiful wedding gown. Lacing up the dress always makes a lovely photograph.

Caz with her gorgeous bridesmaids.
The same shot from a different perspective, taken by my assistant, Sue.

Caz looked absolutely amazing! Once again I used video light mixed with ambient light and lamps to create some dreamy, glamorous bridal portraits.

Wow. What a beautiful bride. Those dreamy eyes are divine.

Brad getting ready with his best man & groomsmen.

A very handsome line up! The guys looked fantastic.

The ceremony in Caz and Brad’s own backyard was so personal, and very emotional. (Tissues on standby…)

Just as the ceremony ended, the big black rain clouds rolled in overhead. We managed to photograph the signing of their register, and a big group shot of everyone before the heavens opened up. If it absolutely HAD to rain, at least the timing was perfect. Nothing could remove the smile from the newlywed’s faces from that point on. Not even the November rain!

After the ceremony we went to some nearby bush land with the bridal party. I love this gorgeous image of the entire group in among the gumtrees. The blueish green colouring of the Autralian bush when it’s actually had some rain is simply amazing.

A tender moment between Caz and Brad. Even though they had me in their immediate vicinity with my camera, you can see that Brad is deeply lost in this kiss. It’s SO romantic I decided to give this image a soft and vintage feel with added texture and faded colours.

More rain! Another downpour actually… this time complete with hail. Thankfully it only lasted a short while though, and Caz and Brad were completely unfazed. In fact they never even stopped smiling.

After leaving the bush, we moved into the city, staying close to shelter just in case it rained again. This bridal party sure did know how to have fun. They shared lots of laughs, and even occassional kisses! I actually said “can you kiss please,” meaning the bride and groom. But they ALL kissed! What a gorgeous group. FEEL the love baby!

Brad clings tightly to the greatest love of his life, standing in front of his pride and joy. Now that’s one happy man!

A great image of all the guys in the bridal party and the owners (and drivers) of the cars to the left of Brad’s Celica. This was just after our third downpour and second hailstorm of the day. Then it just stopped. THEN the sun came out! Crazy November weather!

Some playful fun and awesome shadows!

Caz and Brad had a reception at Quills in Bendigo, which is just accross the road from Lake Weeroona. We actually snuck out just after the first course of their meal, and raced accross the road to take these images in front of the lake at sunset. I was very quick, and had them back to their guests within 15 minutes, probably before they were even missed. Of course I had discussed this plan with Caz & Brad before the wedding, and they had decided if that’s what was required to get some images of sunset over the water, they were prepared to do it. I’m very pleased that they did. The view was gorgeous!

Is that the bluebird of happiness? Well maybe not. More likely to be the seagull of greediness…. ha ha ha. I think it’s a very beautiful image, and it makes me feel peaceful.

I wish all the happiness that life can possibly bring you Caz and Brad. You struck me as such calm and caring people, and truly a perfect match. It was a joy witnessing the adoration and tenderness that you share with one another, and an honour to photograph your wedding day. Oh…. and those cars really were very cool!!!

ivy - the pictures are amazing and the wedding looks so fun. =D
I especially love the texture one… could actually feel the love between them….

Zak - Beautiful Annie! i just adore your getting ready shots with the guys…they always have such a fun and casual feeling, and they scream camaraderie. :)

Yunna - What a wonderful set of photos. I really love the portraits of the couple and the group photos are wonderful. The forest portraits, and the lake one are faves.

Lori Boynton - These are beautiful! I love your lighting! The B&W with the bridal party and the cars totally rocks!!

Frank DiMeo - I really love the image of her in the doorway Annie! It is so fresh and positive feeling. As usual though…I love all of your work.

Adam Squier - That car image is great. I’m sure they were nervous with the hail — I know I would be. I especially like the sunset images on the dock. Just beautiful.

Mariah Milan - Annie these are AMAZING. You made it absolutely impossible to pick one favorite. Just gorgeous!

Sylvia Borgo - These are absolutely gorgeous! The couple is so handsome and beautiful. The attention to detail is superb. I can’t even pick a favorite image. Gorgeous!!

Amy Donovan - Awesome Annie! I always love your work but these are brilliant!

pamela telgenhoff - These are so beautiful…I can’t stop looking at them…just LOVELY!

Andrew Follan - Awesome shots Annie. I am glad I stumbled across your blog, adding it my favourites right now :)

Jenny - Phenomenal lighting… BRAVO!

Katie Beverley - Annie! These are FABULOUS! Beautiful light, color, the shots in the rain… ah! Everything! Simply gorgeous work…

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