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Jessica and Shane celebrated their wedding on Saturday the 6th of March at the Wellsford Forest Retreat. This fabulous venue is nestled in the gorgeous bushland of the Wellsford Forest about 30 minutes out of Bendigo, and includes a rustic mudbrick homestead, an outdoor pavilion style chapel and a reception centre called The Acacia Room. Because Jessica & Shane live in Queensland and had travelled to Victoria along with many of their family and friends, this venue was a great choice with everything in one place! I’m certain the main reason was the picturesque setting of the Australian bush though. It was quite simply everything this couple had dreamed of for their wedding day. I personally enjoyed the ease and benefit of not having to drive to multiple locations, with Jessica & Shane both choosing to get ready inside the Homestead on location.

I’ll begin with some of Jessica’s details. I’m so in love with that perfume bottle. Just amazing, and one I’d never seen before. The divine bouquet of Australian native flowers was from The Eternal Vase in Bendigo. Oh my they do beautiful work!

Jessica looked positively divine in her satin and chiffon gown. So very simple and classy!

I love the warm gold light that radiated from the earth walls in the main bedroom of the Homestead. The setting had a colonial yet very elegant feel.
Jessica looking up to a skylight in the ceiling… a great opportunity to use natural light in a dramatic way.
Jessica with her two beautiful bridesmaids… who also happen to be her sisters.

Now some images of Shane, who also got ready in the Homestead. Shane said he found being photographed to be a very surreal experience, though you would not know it looking at these images! He looks extremely relaxed and confident, and very handsome.
Jessica and Shane had decided to have some of their photographs taken before their ceremony, and happily wandered around the homestead with me looking for locations. There always seems to be an air of excitement and anticipation between the couple when we shoot before the ceremony. I think in many cases it actually calms the nerves a little as well. I suppose I just keep them too busy to be nervous!
A couple of images of the bridal party. Or, to put it another way…. Shane surrounded by beautiful ladies!
The ceremony was truly the most unique I have ever witnessed. Unique AND wonderful! It had been very hot and humid all day, then at 10 minutes to 4.00, JUST before the ceremony was to commence great big black rain clouds rolled in. The rain held off just long enough for everyone to gather in the covered chapel… thank goodness. But once the ceremony began, so did the rain and thunder. It was dramatic and thrilling. Wow. What a ceremony!
Just married and very happy. I LOVE this photograph. Oh yeah… the rain stopped just as quickly as it had started. I guess they only booked rain for the ceremony!
After the ceremony and formal family photographs we headed into the forest with the bride, the groom and a chair. I ALWAYS take a chair with me into the bush….. don’t you? Ha ha ha.
Oh my. Jess looks like an angel! How beautiful.
I really want to say what a champion Jess was to perform my request of standing on a chair, in the bush, while looking like a statue of a Goddess. Really… it can’t have been easy!
I just love Shane’s hat. Very, very cool.
If you know me at all you know I just LOVE the sky. I am a self confessed sky gazer, and the more dramatic the better. I was a VERY happy girl on this afternoon with this great big beautiful sky. The amazing colour pallette of the Australian lanscape is something I never fail to marvel at, OR take for granted. *sigh*
This is ALL about romance.
The last images of the day, just before the reception started. This gorgeous old French style sofa made me go a little weak at the knees, so I just HAD to take a few images of Jessica and Shane on the red ‘LOVE’ seat! (which is what we decided to call it!)

What an amazing, relaxed and wonderful day this was! Jessica and Shane…. I am so grateful to have met you and shared your wedding day with you both. I love photographing weddings for many reasons, but I think the best part of my job is the sheer variety of people and events that I have the privilege of experiencing. Your wedding was a truly memorable experience for me, and I loved every minute of it. I think the venue you chose was absolutely brilliant, and I share your love and enthusiasm for the quiet beauty of the Australian bush. I could not have asked for a more lovely, easy going couple to work with, or more magnificent surroundings! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together.

(By the way Shane… Perry says ‘Hello’ and wants to know when you’re coming over to play again. Dear little man!)


Jessica & Shane - Shane & I would like say what great work you have done, Annie. I was very confident from the start that you would do an awesome job and looking at these photo’s, not only have you confirmed this, you have completely blown us away.
So many people have given great feedback about the photo’s as well as you & your sister Sue’s professionalism. We wish you all the best for the future & we’d recommend you to anyone.

P.S Shane says hello to Perry & “May the Force be with you…”

Jess & Shane

Sylvia Borgo - Annie, these are really wonderful. I love the separate images of the bride and groom. My fave is the one of them walking in the forest. So magical!

Brandi - Stunning photos! The lighting is amazing. Gorgeous couple too, you can really see the love :)

Cheryl Floyd - Hi Annie

The photo’s are amazing you have really caught the ambience of the property. Thank you for contacting me to have a look and feel free to send me some of your cards for me to put in my wedding planner.
Regards, Cheryl Floyd. Wellsford Forest Retreat

Krystal Radlinski - Simply beautiful images!

Lisa Kretschmannn - I love the dress so unique and lovely!

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