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Kylie and Cale were married in Bendigo in late November at The Conservatory, with a reception that evening at the same venue.  It was a beautiful day, and such a gorgeous wedding. Everything and indeed everyone looked truly amazing, especially the bride. Kylie was an absolute knockout. I especially loved her head-dress, giving her a very stylish, slightly sassy look. She was just a dream to photograph, and I think I got a little lost in those mesmerizing eyes of hers! Her bridesmaids also looked beautiful, and I really loved their charcoal satin dresses. There was also a very sweet little flower girl and adorable page-boy who were beautifully behaved and seemed to really enjoy being photographed. As always we began the day photographing the guys. Kylie and Cale have a fantastic home that is newly completed, and that was where Cale and his groomsmen got ready. A great house for photographs, and a  great looking groom!

Kylie and Cale are the sweetest couple, and obviously very much in love! Leading up to the wedding they were so excited about their photography, and we spent a lot of time discussing and deciding on which locations we should shoot at after the ceremony. I always suggest that we go for variety, and try to include a very natural setting with grass and trees, as well as somewhere more urban like a street, lane way or buildings. Bendigo certainly has plenty of options in that department, and we chose to include Bendigo’s beautiful old post office and law courts in Pall Mall. Cale particularly wanted a few images inside a somewhat traditional setting… somewhere a little bit ‘grand’. Kylie mentioned an empty commercial building that she might be able to get permission for, which ended up being available. We really got lucky, because this building had old columns and moldings, a great staircase and generally the old world look we were after. The funny thing is my favorite shots from this location were the ones we took in the empty commercial kitchen. With a paneled stainless steel background they certainly look more modern and contemporary than old world, but I think I just love them because of the gorgeous colours. I have started this gallery with those images, before going back to the first part of the day with Kylie and Cale’s preparations before the ceremony.


Kylie and Cale I hope you enjoy this preview from your beautiful wedding. I had such a great day with you and your bridal party, and you were all a pleasure to photograph. I’m so glad we put so much time and thought into your photography locations, and was especially thrilled with our ‘exclusive’ location. I just love it when I get to shoot somewhere new, and the place we went was certainly very eclectic. It was also a bit freaky to stand on the spot where I first met my husband…. ALL those years ago. I must say I never dreamed I’d be taking wedding photographs in that building! I love it when life is that surprising!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your very special day. I don’t want to embarrass you, but now would be a good time to tell you… you are a very hot couple! Oops. I mean a very hot husband and wife. Yeah…. that’s even better!


Reachel, Tim & Molly - Annie your a very talented lady!! Your images are getting more amazing each time I see them. You should be very proud!!!

Tanya Vahrenkamp - Beautiful images, Annie!!! You have captured their personalities and the atmosphere of the day in a stunning way – absolutely LOVE the portraits of the groom!

jav photography inc. - Awesome pictures; love the locations!

Maria E. Costa - Your work has such a fashion quality to it – beautiful! :)

Joe - You’ve got some truly amazing images here! Love your lighting -your images are magical and out of this World!!! Very inspiring :)

Aimee - There is only one word Wow! I really love these photo’s, who knew you could capture just how beautiful this couple truly is (inside and out). Kylie and Cale you looked amazing and these photo’s are proof of such perfection. xxx love you both

Dallas Wedding Photographer - I love the way you see light. I would love to shoot a wedding with you! Beautiful.

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