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Marissa & Josh were married in late March 2008, long before I started this Photo Journal. I photographed many beautiful weddings before starting this journal, and I would love to go back and write about them all. Unfortunately I simply don’t have the time to do so, as I’m already way behind posting about my recent weddings. The reason I have singled out this wedding from more than a year ago is that it was recently featured in our local wedding Magazine, I Do I Do Creations, as highlighted in my previous post. I thought it would be lovely to show their wedding here in more detail.

Marissa & Josh were married at the magnificent Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo, with a reception held that evening at Quills. Everything about this wedding was lavish and classy, but the thing I remember most about their day is ‘fun’. When this couple explode into spontaneous laughter, everyone in their vicinity has no choice but to join in. At the same time they are deeply in love. Spending a small amount of time in their company leaves you with no ounce of doubt about that.

Just to break with tradition, I’m going to begin with 2 photographs of Marissa that were featured in I Do I Do Creations Magazine. These were both taken after the ceremony, so I’m jumping forward in the timeline of their day here. This first image was shot in View Street in Bendigo, in front of my favourite pink cafe. It’s rather considerate of them to have a mirror hanging there for me…. don’t you think?

This photograph was taken in the stairwell of a gorgeous apartment that Marissa & Josh were staying in on their wedding night. A little more about that later in the post. Anyway, who cares about the stairwell? Just look at this glorious bride! She’s like an angel.

Rewind to the start of the day, with Marissa and her bridesmaids getting ready. The wedding gown by Elizabeth de Varga was stunning, in soft oyster pink. Even before I saw Marissa wearing the gown, I knew I was in for something truly special.

Marissa with her sister and two dear friends. I just love the bridesmaids different coloured dresses.

A few lovely portraits of Marissa, taking advantage of the diffused light coming in through the bedroom window.

I then closed all the curtains to block out the ambient light, and lit Marissa with a video light for some glamour and drama.

Josh with his best man and groomsmen, looking very dapper in their 40’s styled, pinstriped suits.

My favourite portrait of Josh. It’s ALL about those eyes…..

Marissa dashing up the stairs of the Cathedral, arm in arm with her father, eager to marry her childhood sweetheart.

A very special moment between Marissa and her father, moments before walking down the ailse together.

The ceremony was very emotional. Just the way these two people look at each other brings a lump to my throat. It’s a little embarassing when I cry during my client’s ceremony. I usually try to hide behind my camera!

I didn’t actually notice Josh’s brother ‘praising the Lord’ when I took this photograph. When I saw it later on my computer, I nearly fell off my chair laughing. This was just the start of an all day party…. as you can see!

I took Marissa & Josh back inside the Cathedral for some portraits. The light is absolutely heavenly. (no pun intended)

At this point in the proceedings, it started to rain, and showed no signs of stopping for quite some time. As I mentioned at the start of the post, Marissa & Josh had booked a beautiful old apartment up the road from the Cathedral, aptly named Cathedral Heights. Marissa and the girls had got ready there that morning, and it was also booked for the wedding night. Given the dreadful weather, I suggested we all go back there until the rain stopped, or at least slowed down. Having this great location as a back-up was a life saver. The wedding party all had some time to relax, have some drinks and snacks and utilise the bathroom facilities. Meanwhile I had a beautiful warm, dry location to make the most of our time, and take some amazing photographs of the newlyweds. If you’re planning a wedding I think it’s worth keeping this in mind. When choosing accommodation for your wedding night, don’t just think of it as a room to sleep in. Think of it as a potential photography location, especially in the event of rain.

I just love these images of Marissa & Josh. I can’t help thinking the rain was a stroke of luck, because we almost certainly would not have gone back to the apartment if it weren’t for the bad weather!

These were taken in the lobby of the four block apartment building. A beautiful old timber staircase, timber panelling and a big high window streaming in natural light. I was jumping up and down with excitement. Marissa and Josh were laughing at me! Once again, thank heavens for that downpour.

Aaaahhh. True love. It’s enough to make me giddy!

Eventually we decided to brave the weather and head into town. I love this image of the wedding party. It’s a study in body langauge… an insight into the individual personalities of each member of the group. I also really love the look of the wet pavers in the foreground. After looking at this I’ve honestly considered taking a big vessel of water with me on fine days, to tip on the ground! The only thing that’s stopped me is the fear of being carted away in a stiff white coat!

I wanted to show this image as a great example of the benefits of having a second photographer. My assistant Sue took this beautiful photograph of the girls, while I was shooting them from the front. Because all of their attention is focused on me, the image really has the feeling of being more candid. Many people actually prefer photographs of themselves not looking at the camera, so this is a great way to work, producing great images with the best of both worlds.

I can still hear Marissa’s infectious laughter echoing down the alley. This image makes me smile!

I added some lovely dirty texture to enhance the mood of this image. We are so blessed to have all these gorgeous old buildings in Bendigo.

A couple more images at the pinkest of pink cafes in View Street. I seriously think this cafe was painted like this purely for my benefit. Thank you!

A few more images taken in front of the columns at the Capital Theatre. Once again I count my blessings for the magnificent architecture in Bendigo. As a wedding photographer, Bendigo is a bit like being a kid in a candy store. I desperately NEED my sister Sue to drag me away when we’re out of time. She can be very tough on me as I continually insist… “just a few more! I JUST want to do this, that and the other!” ha ha ha. Someone has to stop me. Thankfully I have my gorgeous sister, Sue to do so.

So there you go. The magnificent day that was Marissa & Josh’s wedding. It was a long time ago, but is still so fresh in my memory. They are the kind of couple I could never forget! Sweet, funny, down to earth and very much in love. I bumped into them not so long ago, as I was coming out of the theatre after seeing Billy Elliot in Melbourne. We were truly overjoyed to see each other, even though it was a very brief encounter. They were both SO excited with the anticipation of their wedding being featured in the next issue of I Do I Do. I haven’t actually spoken to them since the magazine was released. I think I’ll give them a call soon…. to see how their fabulous modeling careers are going! (joking)


ohana photographers - Hi annie! Your work on this wedding is absolutely stunning as is this couple!!

Rima - Oh my gosh what a beautiful bride, and handsome groom. You have done a wonderful job, the pictures have a lovely delicate feel to them

Chantel - Love them! Especially the first one!

Ash - This is being totally honest – these are THE most beautiful wedding photos i have ever seen. Just stunning. You’ve done a brilliant job at capturing this couples wedding day. I’m sure they will look at them many times throughout their lives together and be so grateful that you helped them capture the wonderful memories. I’ll certainly be directing people to this site. Well done!

ivy - oh, the shots are beautiful, the bride and the groom are just fabulous….
you caught the perfect feeling for their wedding!!

Sarah - These pictures are beautiful. I absolutely love the vividness of the pink from the cafe. I love all of the lighting as well.

Images by JaNae - wow…just amazingly beautiful! these absolutely belong in a magazine!

Yuri - HOT images!

Adam Squier - Gorgeous images, as always. I love the one with the columns.

Sylvia Borgo - You photograph the most beautiful brides! And this bride is NO exception. She is stunning! As are your images, Annie. Your work is simply perfect!

Andrew Follan - WOW. That first shot is simply awesome!!!

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