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Shona and Glen were married on Saturday 13th of March in Macedon. They had a late afternoon outdoor ceremony at the fantastic Macedon Spa followed by a reception at the same venue. Because of their late ceremony they had agreed to my suggestion of taking the majority of their photographs through the afternoon, before they were married. Shona and Glen had no formal wedding party, instead choosing to keep things very simple. They were just so thrilled to be surrounded by all of their wonderful family and friends and actually had two of their Grandparents act as witnesses for the formalities. What a delightful idea!

I will begin with some images of Shona getting ready at Ithica Cottage, a lovely guest house which is very close by in Macedon. Here are some of her beautiful details.

Shona’s Mother helped her to get into her wedding dress. Her gown was just gorgeous, designed by Amaline Vitale. Very simple, elegant and slim fitting with an art deco inspired pattern embossed into the fabric. I have never seen a gown quite like this one before and I do believe my jaw was hanging open when I saw it on Shona. Oh my!

A gorgeous portrait of Shona and her Mum. Okay…. so it’s not hard to see where Shona gets her beauty from. There were a couple of moments when Shona’s Mother was overcome with emotion at the sight of her stunning daughter in her wedding dress. Not at all surprising really. I think I was a little overcome myself.

Shona carried a sweet posy of Freesias. Perfect for a country wedding, and in keeping with her theme of classic and simple.

What a stunning Bride!

At the start of the day I went to Glen & Shona’s home in Lancefield to take some photographs of Glen getting ready. Glen looked amazing.

Glen came to Ithica Cottage to meet up with Shona, and waited patiently in the garden to see his gorgeous girl for the first time on their wedding day.

I was in love with this amazing window inside the cottage, so we went back inside to take a couple of photographs in front of it. Such amazing geometrical patterns and fabulous light.

Next we went to the park in Macedon for some portraits of Shona & Glen.

I adore the Avenue of Honour in Macedon, and have always wanted to take photographs there. Glen and Shona look amazing together, especially in this beautiful location.

The wedding took place in front of the Macedon Ranges. An absolutely breathtaking backdrop for Shona & Glen’s wonderful ceremony!


Glen wanted a photograph with his car. I must admit I have no idea what kind of car that is… but it sure is very cool!

The last remnants of the day’s sunlight peeking through the trees. Beautiful back-lighting for the gorgeous newlyweds.

One last image…. a collection of details from the reception.

This was my first wedding in Macedon, and it pretty much took my breath away. Funny thing is Macedon has always been there, and I must have driven through it more than 50 times in my life. But this day was the first time I actually really saw it. It’s ridiculous that I have a treasure in my own back yard and didn’t even realise it! The only thing more amazingly beautiful than Macedon itself was Shona & Glen. Both of them are relaxed, very comfortable within themselves and genuinely modest. Truly gorgeous both inside and out, and obviously very deeply in love!

Shona & Glen… I just adored meeting you both and being part of your wedding day. It really was an exceptional wedding and I especially admired the clean & simple elegance of everything you chose. You both have such a confident, easy style about you which is very appealing. Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer. I think it really was my lucky day! I hope you had a brilliant time on your honeymoon, and I can’t wait to see you both again.

Brandi - Clean and beautiful. The bride is very striking indeed, and she looks just like her mom! Lovely work.

Krystal Radlinski - How wonderful! The romantic portraits are simply lovely to behold.

Bethany Gilbert - Absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job of using the light and what an awesome background for getting ready shots! Fantastic work.

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