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Tina & Josh were married on Saturday January 16th at St Mary’s Church in Echuca, with a cocktail reception that evening at the Moama Bowling Club. It was a bright, hot day, just what you’d expect for a mid January wedding in Echuca. This was a beautiful wedding, and one that I’d been looking forward to very much. Tina and Josh had five bridesmaids and five groomsmen, making it the largest wedding party I’ve ever photographed. With that many in the party, I just knew I was in for a fantastic, fun day.

I’ve really enjoyed designing pretty layouts of my detail images lately, so once again I’ll begin my post with some of the bride’s beautiful details.

Tina’s two lovely sisters helping her to get ready.
Tina looked utterly breathtaking. Oh wow, I was in heaven taking these images. Sophisticated, elegant and very classy… she was such a beautiful bride.
For the next couple of images I closed the curtains to block out the ambient light and used a video light to create extra ambience and glamour.
.Now some photographs of Josh and his groomsmen getting ready. I’ll start with a couple of shots of Josh taken in gorgeous window light.
This was without doubt the wildest part of the day. These guys were loud, raucous and full of fun, complete with ‘Hit the Road Jack’ blaring on the stereo. I had such a blast photographing them! I simply cannot imagine missing out on photographing the groomsmen. My day would not be complete!
A few nice quiet portraits of Josh. A very handsome groom!
Time for a quick game of Poker with Honey the Lab in her rightful place. I think if you’re going to play poker, you SHOULD have a Labrador under the table whenever possible.

Oh MAN I love this shot. Just awesome!
Tina walked down the aisle with her father, and a smile that lit up the room.
An absolutely beautiful moment, and a mutual gaze that says so much about how this man and woman feel about one another.
After the ceremony and family photographs we went to a private property on the Murray River in Moama. With barely a cloud in the sky I must say the light was a little challenging, but by compensating with off camera flashes the end result is brilliant, vivid colour and a fantastic image of the group.
The party…. partying!
The same location taken from the opposite angle, with the Murray River in the background.
As luck would have it a guy with a Harley arrived just as we were about to leave. Tina leapt at his offer to be photographed on his bike. It couldn’t have been better even if we’d actually planned it!
At my suggestion Tina and Josh had scouted around the area before the wedding to find a nice shady location for some of their photographs. They had found this fantastic wall in Moama, and it really was a relief for everyone to get out of the hot sun for a while. A fab shot of the ladies laughing….
Very hot….
Tina owns the ‘dress swish’.
On to a third location, underneath the Echuca Moama bridge. I love this part of the day, when the sun is getting lower and the light is much easier to manage.
I really loved this rusty concrete wall. Such amazing colours and texture. Wow… what a gorgeous husband and wife. They look amazing together!
Just for the record, Benji wins! What an awesome pose!!! Can you guess which one he is? Ha ha ha ha….
We finished up at the Moama Bowling Club for Tina and Josh’s reception. The speeches were fantastic, and at times very funny. The sun was very low, and streaming in through the window behind so that you can actually see tiny particles floating in the air. How beautiful.
The bridal dance was sensational. See for yourself!
Clearly this was just the start of a very serious PARTY.

Tina and Josh…. I can barely find the words to sufficiently describe how much I loved your wedding. Everything was so beautiful and classy, with attention paid to every detail. Your siblings and friends who made up your wedding party were so amazing, and their joy, exuberance and sense of occasion demonstrated very clearly how much they love and care about you both. I also want to mention how utterly taken I was with your parents. Just thinking about the joy and pride on their faces during the speeches brings a big lump to my throat. Seriously, both of your mothers lavished so much care and attention on Sue and I, and an abundance of tight, squeezy cuddles. (how I LOVE cuddles) I’m somewhat overwhelmed at how close I felt to these two amazing women that I’d only just met! Lastly, I think you two are an amazing couple, who truly deserved such a divine wedding to celebrate the love and commitment that you have for one another. I feel so privileged to have been part of your day, and to have witnessed the love and support that surrounded you. I hope you have a brilliant honeymoon guys. Drink one of those ridiculous big cocktails in a pinapple with little paper umbrellas for me!

robin cornett - Annie, WOW!!! These are just incredible. Your lighting is sublime. The beauty of everyone, but especially the bride, just shines. I thought her portraits were wonderful and as I went through the post, it just kept getting better. Wow, wow, and WOW.

Sarah North - Hi Annie, just amazing work! I actually did the makeup on Tina and her gorgeous bridal party and I have to say you photographed them beautifully!!! Just stunning, well done! Cheerful regards, Sarah

Chantelle - WOW! You have done it again! These photos are absolutely stunning. There are some awesome shots there and I am sure Tina and Josh will be very impressed. I love all of them. You are such a great photographer (speaking from experience) and I have recommended you to everyone I know that is getting married! You are amazing and certaintly have a special talent!

Rhonda Battye - Hi Annie, (mother of the bride here) wait for me to wipe away my tears – OH MY GOD – these photos of my beautiful daughter Tina are absolutely amazing. I am still shaking after viewing them and just wanted more, you have done a magnificent job of capturing all that she is. I just kept scrolling through and was amazed at what you have created with some shots. Her lovely sisters sharing her special day was heartwarming as they are all so very close and you captured it all. Then the Ceremony, WOW, I am shaking again and the group shots are FANTASTIC, they were a fun group and had such a great time and you mangaged to fit them all in perfectly. Can’t wait to see all the photos and share them with Tina and Josh. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU (loved your comments as well, nice that you felt welcomed in our homes) Cheers Rhonda

Annie Warren - Rhonda, you are so very welcome! I am thrilled that you’re so happy, and just as pleased that I made you cry… ha ha ha! I personally think happiness through tears is the best emotion there is, and totally endorse crying happy tears as often as possible. If my images squeezed your heart enough to make you teary, then I am satisfied that I have done my job. The best part is, the emotion that these photographs evoke will be greatly magnified as time passes. That’s the beauty and importance of photographs.

Sandy S - What a gorgeous bride! Your use of light, both natural and strobes, is just stunning and inspiring, as always. It’s so refreshing to see a talented photographer who isn’t afraid of using light dramatically. Great story telling images too. You just captured everything perfectly.

tami - these are unbelievably beautiful – you really know how to make friends with light! well done girly girl.

Kelly - OMG these photos are soooo amazing and Tina just looks so gorgeous!!!

Scott Kretschmann - Wow!! The shots of the bride are great!!

Heather Lynne - These are gorgeous, Annie! Beautiful, beautiful work!

Amanda Kelly - Annie, this has to be one of the my favourite weddings that you have photographed! You are truly amazing; I am a massive fan of your work! The entire bridal party looked stunning, so with them, yourself and your sister, you made a great team!!!

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