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Tracey and Daniel were married in October 2013 at the Forest St Uniting Church, with a reception that evening at The Conservatory. It was a beautiful day and an amazing wedding. Tracey and Daniel are a really sweet couple, who really enjoyed their wedding day. Tracey was especially excited about the photography, and we spent a lot of time prior to the day discussing and planning a schedule to include plenty of beautiful Bendigo locations. Because they chose to have an early 2.00pm ceremony, we had plenty of time for their photographs and set a fairly relaxed pace, which made it that much more enjoyable. Here is a favourite image from our last location of the day, taking advantage of the last light. Oh my, this is so tender and romantic!



Going back to the start of the day, I photographed Daniel and his groomsmen where they got ready at Bishop’s Court, a beautiful old home in Forest Street. The antique decor, strong colours and old billiard room made a perfect setting for some very cool shots of the guys. They all looked very suave in their grey suits, and Daniel seemd calm and confident. After leaving the boys we moved on to where Tracey and the girls were getting ready at the Fountain View Apartments, another magnificent old Bendigo building at the bottom of View Street. Tracey looked stunning in her beaded ivory wedding gown. Her hair, make-up and accessories were all absolutely perfect. Nothing could outshine the light that came from within Tracey though. She was positively glowing!  She was attended by her sister and close friend, who looked gorgeous in elegant floor length, navy blue gowns.

This first gallery features photographs of Tracey & Daniel’s preparations, details and their wedding ceremony.


After their ceremony and formal family photographs we set out for our first photography location. I always encourage my couples to consider variety when choosing locations. No matter how much you love trees and grass, ornate buildings or urban laneways, it’s still not a great idea to feature any one thing too heavily. I think a good mix of elements in the photographs makes for such a beautiful and interesting wedding album. We certainly had plenty of variety on Tracey & Daniel’s day, visiting a rust stained concrete wall, a wild grass and treed area, pristine Rosiland Park and the  Post Office and Law Courts precinct. We had deliberately scheduled the last location at a local park to coinside with sunset. The thing with planning sunset shots is you never really know what sort of sky and clouds you’ll be given. It’s just a lucky dip! When we fist arrived at the park the sky didn’t really look all that remarkable, though the dimming dusk light was sublime and I love the series of shots in front of the reeds. Suddenly I turned and looked at the setting sun behind me and realised we were in for a treat. The sky gradually caught fire, and burned intensely for all of five minutes until the light and colours faded away. Five minutes was all we needed. We were ready for it! You will find those sunset shots at the end of this gallery, which features the location photographs.


Tracey & Daniel, thank you for the honour of being your wedding photographer. It was such a pleasure to spend the day with you, your amazing families and wonderful friends, and to wittness the marriage of such a special couple. I think your wedding was just so beautiful, and I’m still trying to work out how you managed to plan such an amazing day all the way from Canberra! It was quite apparent that you had worked very hard on your wedding, especially all the finer details. It was so nice watching the pair of you together, basking in your special day! I love your calm, easy going personalities, and also want to give thanks to your amazing (and very tolerant) bridal party. I know I worked you all pretty hard, but you were so much fun to be around. Hopefully it didn’t feel too much like work and you feel your efforts are rewarded with your photographs.


Shirley - Have just browsed all the photos and I am in tears! They are just so much more than I expected! THANK YOU, ANNIE & SUE for doing such a fantastic job! You can just SEE the love that Tracey and Daniel share. My husband Rod looks so very proud walking his daughter down the aisle and the whole wedding party look terrific – Best Man, Groomsman, Bridesmaid and Maid of Honour- I especially love the photo of Eryn & Tracey – Very, very special Oh, all these photos are so very special. So happy to see the special horseshoe featured too! Brought back memories for the brides (myself and my mum) who carried it in 1950 and 1977! How Tracey & Daniel will ever choose which ones to have for the album I don’t know!

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